Trust & Obey, For There’s No Other Way…

Though we may sometimes doubt the truthfulness of God’s Word, question His motives in decreeing it, or lack an understanding of how it could come to pass, we will, in the end, see one of two things play out: 1) We will either trust in His Word and find that it, even when tested, always “proves true” and thus reap the blessings of it as we go through life or 2) intentionally keep its vitality at a distance as we search for “enough proof” of its credibility and "enough motivation" before trusting it, only to find that it ultimately “proves true”, and had we only trusted it sooner, we would have been benefiting from its power instead of reaping the consequences of denying it.

Seeing the Good in the Storms of Life

The winds of a storm can knock down trees, destroy property, and things that we often value. But sometimes, although we didn't think it was needed, some things are better off knocked down, changed, shifted, or even destroyed in our lives. It may be that the "tree" that the storm knocked down was casting a shadow in our spiritual lives, keeping the "grass" from growing and hindering us from experiencing the Light of the Son of God more fully.

Apologetic Method: Cloaking Our Convictions vs. Speaking Truth in Love

The discipline of Christian apologetics is the outflow of the integration of theology into our lives wherein we provide an apologia "defense" or reasoned contention for our faith in Christ. This is a practical and evangelistic element of the Christian faith that all Christians should be prepared to engage in and is meant to be a conversation (not a … Continue reading Apologetic Method: Cloaking Our Convictions vs. Speaking Truth in Love

The Crux of Christianity

Is there an Achilles heel for Christian theology? What is the crux of Christianity upon which its adherents must stand? How do Jehovah’s Witnesses view Christ’s resurrection and how does it compare with what the Bible teaches? These questions and more are addressed in this post on Easter and the most important elements of the Christian faith.

Bridging the Gap

There is a problem in our Western culture that doesn't appear to be getting better. The practice of open and honest dialogue is slowly disappearing. Too often we selfishly preserve our beliefs by shutting down the dialogue that we wish to avoid. We react before thinking. We assume first and ask questions later. We assert … Continue reading Bridging the Gap

5 Principles for Resolving Conflict

What is the best way to approach that difficult person in our life? How can we resolve conflict and confront others without so much anxiety and frustration? Are there some secrets to keeping a cooler head when we need to confront someone? In this recent article, I have laid out 5 of the secrets for … Continue reading 5 Principles for Resolving Conflict

Where the Lost Things Go: What Mary Poppins, Death, & the Afterlife Have in Common

How are we supposed to cope with the loss of our loved ones while on this side of the veil? Is there reason for hope of life beyond the grave for them; for us? Or is it all vain and meaningless? What if I don’t think the person lived a “good enough” life, is there still hope for them that I can cling to if there is a Heaven & Hell? These matters of grief and hope are covered in this article, sparked by the song “The Place Where Lost Things Go” in the movie “Mary Poppins Returns”.

The Truth of the Matter

I wanted to have this article published nearly two months ago, but with the difficulty of the subject and the busyness of life, I had to delay it. My wife and I (somewhat) recently went to see the movie Mary Poppins Returns in theaters and I was captivated by how well done the movie was, but I was particularly drawn in by a song in the movie called “The Place Where Lost Things Go”. (Some spoilers ahead!) This song is about Mary Poppins finding a way to comfort the three children in the film (Anabel, John, & Georgie) who had recently lost their mother. To add to their confusion about losing their mother, their father (Michael Banks) is caught up in financial struggles while trying to keep up with the craziness of life without his wife, whom it seems he has had little time to properly grieve. This is where…

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