Confronted by the Historical Jesus

What is it that keeps people from believing all of what the Bible claims that Jesus did and said? Is there historical evidence out there beyond the Bible that points to the biblical account of Jesus’ existence and life? What does the evidence found outside of the Bible mean for the skeptic approaching the accounts … Continue reading Confronted by the Historical Jesus

Bridging the Gap

In honor of the one year anniversary of “The Truth of the Matter”, here is the article that started it all!

The Truth of the Matter


There is a problem in our Western culture that doesn’t appear to be getting better. The practice of open and honest dialogue is slowly disappearing. Too often we selfishly preserve our beliefs by shutting down the dialogue that we wish to avoid. We react before thinking. We assume first and ask questions later. We assert our view before considering another. We make others hear us before we will listen. I’m sure that at some point we all have been guilty of this. But when we do this, we choose to keep the door to our echo chamber closed.

Let’s Talk…

This conversational deficit not only creates more walls that divide our already divided society, but it also diminishes opportunities for honest dialogue to occur. That would include discussing some of the most important questions to consider in this life: Why am I here? Who am I? What is the meaning…

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