5 Principles for Resolving Conflict

What is the best way to approach that difficult person in our life? How can we resolve conflict and confront others without so much anxiety and frustration? Are there some secrets to keeping a cooler head when we need to confront someone? In this recent article, I have laid out 5 of the secrets for … Continue reading 5 Principles for Resolving Conflict


5 Principles for Resolving Conflict

Regardless of who you are, or what background you come from, we could all use some guidance when it comes to dealing with conflict in our lives. Something fundamental for taking steps toward better conflict resolution is understanding that God commands that we love Him and love others. On this second point, we often struggle to … Continue reading 5 Principles for Resolving Conflict

Are We All God’s Children?

Aren't we all considered God's children? I have heard this from prominent celebrities, politicians, tv personalities, religious people (including church-goers), etc. In saying we are all God's children, the intentions of the phrase appear quite clear. We all have a common bond as humans because we were all created by God, since God "is love" … Continue reading Are We All God’s Children?