Finding Forgiveness

Deceit. Manipulation. Abuse. Betrayal. Selfishness. Greed. Anger. Theft. Addiction. Gossip. Control. Prejudice. Victimization. Carelessness. Brutality... Odds are that everyone who is reading this has been on the receiving end of one or more of these. The odds are also likely that everyone who is reading this has been on the distributing end of some of … Continue reading Finding Forgiveness

Are We All God’s Children?

Aren't we all considered God's children? I have heard this from prominent celebrities, politicians, tv personalities, religious people (including church-goers), etc. In saying we are all God's children, the intentions of the phrase appear quite clear. We all have a common bond as humans because we were all created by God, since God "is love" … Continue reading Are We All God’s Children?

Bridging the Gap (Pt. 4): The Faith Delusion

If you have faith in an invisible and metaphysical God, then you simply are, and cannot avoid being, delusional... In fact, you have ignored the advances of modern science, lazily inserted God in place of the unknown that science has yet to discover, and you are spreading this poisonous and regressive delusion by telling others to … Continue reading Bridging the Gap (Pt. 4): The Faith Delusion

Bridging the Gap

There is a problem in our Western culture that doesn't appear to be getting better. The practice of open and honest dialogue is slowly disappearing. Too often we selfishly preserve our beliefs by shutting down the dialogue that we wish to avoid. We react before thinking. We assume first and ask questions later. We assert … Continue reading Bridging the Gap