6 Things to Consider Before & After Election Day

As I’m sure many others have, I’ve had a tough time figuring out what I’m going to do this election. To not vote? Or to vote and maybe compromise some on my standards for the office(s) I’d be voting for? The reality is that, when we vote, we choose the best of the options we … Continue reading 6 Things to Consider Before & After Election Day

Trust & Obey, For There’s No Other Way…

Though we may sometimes doubt the truthfulness of God’s Word, question His motives in decreeing it, or lack an understanding of how it could come to pass, we will, in the end, see one of two things play out: 1) We will either trust in His Word and find that it, even when tested, always “proves true” and thus reap the blessings of it as we go through life or 2) intentionally keep its vitality at a distance as we search for “enough proof” of its credibility and "enough motivation" before trusting it, only to find that it ultimately “proves true”, and had we only trusted it sooner, we would have been benefiting from its power instead of reaping the consequences of denying it.